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Epson XP-4155 Wireless Setup | Epson XP-4155 WiFi Setup

Epson Expression XP-4155 Wireless

epson xp 4155 wireless setups

How to Connect Epson XP-4155 Printer to WiFi?

Get effortless printing work using the advanced Wireless setup. Just connect using the wireless connectivity type with the support of a stable Wi-Fi network. Get your printing work much easier with basic wireless settings & network support. Visit the Epson Official page and Epson Manual to obtain support for wireless setup. Initiate the Epson XP-4155 wireless setup for your active compatible system support and execute the seamless network printing.

Epson XP-4155 Wireless Setup

Epson XP-4155 wireless setup for Windows

  • Initially, start the Epson XP-4155 printer and Windows system by pressing the power button to turn it ON.
  • Next, you need to connect them to the active wireless connection.
  • Go nearby to the Epson printer to select the wireless settings.
  • Further, you have to proceed using the wireless setup wizard on the next page. On the resultant page, you will get the list of network names to pick the desired wireless connection among them.
  • Type the correct wireless network credentials to the specific field.
  • Finally, hit the OK option at the end and complete the wireless setup using the windows system.

Epson XP-4155 Wireless Setup for Mac

  • Start the devices like the printer and Mac system using the power button.
  • Select the Wi-Fi connection by specifying the needed network credentials.
  • Next, you have to access using the wireless connection settings on your active Epson XP-4511 printer.
  • Select the wireless setup wizard and ensure the required setup settings.
  • Look at the given list of available wireless connections to find the required one.
  • Operate using the network by typing the proper network credentials like name & password.
  • Finally, wait until the Wi-Fi gets connected to the Mac system.

epson XP-4155 printer connect setup

Epson XP-4155 Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

It is very common to get certain printer errors during the process of printer access or when it has been ready to print. Ensure the printer’s basic requirements and ensure the other types of errors like ink cartridges, paper feed, and driver-related issues. Once everything is fine, still you are unable to print- use the below steps carefully.

Epson XP-4155 Wireless not working

  • Start the troubleshooting process by connecting to the active wireless connection.
  • To get seamless printing access, you need to keep the router and printer near each other.
  • Next, you need to restart the entire Epson XP-4155 printer and check whether the same issue arises again or not.
  • Connect using the same network name to initiate the Wi-Fi connection once again. Now, Switch OFF the wireless router connection.
  • Relax until the Epson printer communicates to the wireless connections.
  • Still, you face the same issue, look at the driver details which are installed on the system.
  • Finally, update the active Epson XP-4155 driver.

Epson XP-4155 Wi-Fi setup file

You can suspect this kind of issue only if you have any interrupted network connections.

  • Make a Network configuration test page to know the printer’s network signal.
  • Get nearby the active printer and move on with the wireless source connection.
  • If you find the wireless connection is active enough, operate the Epson XP-4511 printer.
  • You can prefer the WPS push button method to reconnect them back.
  • Or else, try to hold the Press & hold the WPS button on the router and activate the desired Epson printer.
  • In the end, relax until you notice the active communication on the setup devices.

Epson XP-4155 Won’t connect to the new router

First, you need to switch ON the desired Epson XP-4511 printer and wireless router.

  • Make sure the Epson printer & devices are placed nearer to each other.
  • Next, eradicate all the visible obstructions between the printer & computer.
  • Modify the required settings on your Epson XP-4511 printer to experience the quality of the wireless connection.
  • Alternatively, you can use the WPS push button on the router and try to connect the Epson XP-4511 printer to it.
  • Further, you need to press and hold it down for at least a few seconds.

Relax until you notice the active communication between the printer and the router.

If, you need any requirements or support on your Epson XP-4511 printer- Call Our Technical Team for instant support & Guidance.