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Epson WorkForce EC-4020 driver | A guide to printer setup

Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 Setup & Install

 Epson workforce pro EC 4020

The Epson WorkForce EC-4020 is a perfect printer for the small work team. Now, you can get the best quality prints with PrecisionCore tech. The best part is that it can deliver laser-sharp texts in a snap. It features a 250-sheet paper capacity tray and 35-page ADF. For budget printing, it supports the auto 2-side feature. Connect to any network and print wireless from iOS or Android devices. Why wait? Call us to complete the printer setup and connect with MAC/Windows. We offer the printer service that you need.

Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 Printer Setup

The Epson WorkForce EC-4020 setup is the most comfortable process to complete. Now, start the setup process with the unpacking and power connection. Finally, complete your device setup and get the first printing experience.

WorkForce Pro Ec-4020 Connect Services

The connection setup is vital for your Epson WorkForce EC-4020 printer. You can choose wired or wireless to establish a stable connection. Need clear and detailed steps? Then, call our printer technicians and avail the top-notch printer service.

Epson All-in-One Printer Support

We are the one-stop solution for all your printer setup queries and problems. Our printer technicians can handle any printer setup. We offer top-notch service for printer setup, driver download, as well as the network setup.

epson workforce pro 4020 printer connect setup

Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 for Driver Download

You can complete the driver download by either CD or from the website. Before that, finish the printer setup without any error. Any help? Connect with our printer technician.


Do you want to connect the Windows desktop to EC-4020? Then, you have to download Epson WorkForce EC-4020, which is compatible with Windows OS. Straightaway gets the Epson Connect Utilities to connect the EC-4020 printer with your Windows. Now, approach us for the instructions to connect your desktop and printer.


Now, download the necessary driver package to interface the Mac and EC-4020. For the driver download, we offer clear instructions for installing your Mac to the printer. Follow our steps to connect and download the suitable driver. If you have any queries while connecting, we are here to help you.

Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 First Time Printer Setup

After buying the EC-4020 printer, the first thing to complete is setup. For easy printer setup, stick to the steps given here.

Basic safety steps:

Keep your printer on the smooth and dry surface.

For any wired connection, use only the original cables from the manufacturer.

Always connect to a direct power connection.

Step 1: Unbox your EC-4020 printer

  • Initially, clear the stickers & other packaging material on the packed box.
  • Once you clear them, take out the EC-4020.
  • Now, place your printer on the smooth surface for a first-time printer setup.

Step 2: Connecting to the power supply

  • Now, search for the power cord to establish a power connection with the printer.
  • Next, connect the cable ends to the Epson EC-4020 printer and socket.
  • Then, click on the Power button to switch on the device.
  • After that, complete the basic printer settings to proceed further.

Step 3: Installing the ink cartridges

  • Now, go to the ink cartridge area and open the lid.
  • Next, unpack the original cartridges after you shake them well.
  • Then, you can find the yellow tape on the cartridges, which needs to be removed.
  • Lastly, choose the appropriate slots and install the cartridges.

Step 4: Inserting the compatible papers

To begin with, open the paper tray and clean it once.

Then, choose papers of the same size and type to stack in the paper tray.

Next, feed the selected papers and complete the paper installation.

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Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 Installation

Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 Installation For Windows

Have you completed the Epson WorkForce EC-4020 setup? If yes, straightaway proceeds to the Epson WorkForce EC-4020 driver download. For that, you have to turn on the printer and then follow our steps.

Why is Epson Workforce EC-4020 driver important?

The driver is vital for the Windows device to connect with the EC-4020. So you should get the compatible Windows driver to print. It also activates the necessary features of the printer.

Compatible Windows OS Versions:

Windows 10 OS, 8 OS, 8.1 OS, 7, XP & Vista OS (32-bit and 64-bit)

Available WorkForce EC-4020 drivers for your Windows:

Printer Driver:

It is the most basic compatible printer driver for any Windows OS with a 64-bit processor. This driver is a compact software package for almost all printer functions.


Drivers & Utility combo installer:

Want to get more supported features? Then, download this utility combo on the Windows device to print from your EC-4020 printer. Once you download these driver packs, there is no need for an extra driver.

How to download and install the EC-4020 Drivers?

  • It is a simple procedure to install the Epson WorkForce EC-4020 driver via the product page.
  • Now, go through the support page to find the driver sets.
  • Then, download the drivers with the help of the printer model.

Next, choose the Download option and complete the installation.

Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 Installation For Mac

Experience easy printing after downloading the recent drivers. After the printer setup, connect your Mac and printer with the drivers. Choose the OS version and download the drivers accordingly. Now, you can follow the instructions to download the software on the Mac.

Compatible Mac OS Versions:

You can connect any Mac OS, which is given below.

Mac OS 10.12, OS 10.13, 10.14 OS, and Mac OS 10.15

Mac OS X 10.5, OS X 10.6, OS 10.7, OS 10.8, OS 10.9, OS 10.10, and 10.11

Available WorkForce EC-4020 drivers for your MAC:

Printer Driver:

It is an ideal software package for printing and basic functions. Before downloading the drivers, know the MAC OS version. With that note, proceed to download the drivers. If you need any assistance, call our printer toll-free number.

Drivers & Utility combo installer:

Download this combo installer for the ultimate printer functions. When you install the drivers, it comes with the Scanner drive, fax utility, and Epson Software Updater.

How to download and install the EC-4020 Drivers?

  • Initially, move to the manufacturer driver setup page.
  • Then, select the printer driver package for your product.
  • Next, double-click on the file once it is downloaded.
  • Now, install the downloaded driver file and successful installation.
Epson Workforce Pro Ec-4020 Services


Do you want to print documents easily? If yes, here are the instructions to print the document that you want to print. Initially, go to the location of your document and open it. Then, click on the Print option and select the EC-4020 printer. Next, select the Preferences option to edit the print settings. Now, complete the Document Size setting according to your paper size. Lastly, select the Print option once you complete all settings.


Copying the document is simple if you follow these instructions. To begin with, open the scanner lid and place your original document. Then, from the printer control panel, choose a Home icon. Next, choose the Copy option. Before that, select either Black and White or Color. Now, click on the Copies option to get more than one copy. After that, select the Advanced Settings to access various copy settings. Finally, save all the changes made and press the Copy option.

USB setup

Now, connect your desktop and printer to the network via the USB. Follow the instructions to finish the USB connection setup successfully. Initially, turn on your printer and computer for the USB setup. Next, choose the USB cord with 3 meters in length. Then, from the desktop, go to the browser and open the driver page. After that, download your EC-4020 drivers by following the monitor instructions. Finally, use the cable to connect while you select the connection type

Wireless Setup

The EC-4020 printer is designed to connect with a wireless network easily. Now, make use of these wireless setup instructions to complete the setup. Initially, ensure that your printer and computer tuned on. Now, check out for the Home option on the printer panel. Then, select the Wireless and then choose “Wifi.” Next, choose the Start Setup option and select the Wizard option. After that, choose or type the wifi SSID and type the password.

Workforce Pro Ec-4020 Troubleshooting

Are you frustrated with the recurring printer failure? No worries. Here are the troubleshooting steps for your printer problem. The usual printer issues are paper jams, quality issues, error messages, software installation failures, and more. Whatever the problem may be, we can help you fix them. Now, connect with our experienced printer technician for help.

Epson WorkForce Pro Ec-4020 Printing and Coping Problem

There may be loads of reasons behind the printing and copying problem. However, necessary troubleshooting steps can solve printing and copying failure. Here are the repair steps for printing/copying problem that you face.

Step 1: Check the power connection

  • When your printer gets an improper power connection, it leads to printer failure. At first, follow the instructions below to check the power connection.
  • Initially, disconnect the power cable and attach it to a different outlet.
  • Then, turn on your EC-4020 printer and test the print/copy function.
  • If it fails, continue with the successive step.

Step 2: Reset your printer

  • Now, disconnect the power cable when your printer is ON.
  • Then, wait for 60 seconds and connect back the power cable.
  • Finally, turn on your printer and proceed with test print/copy.

Step 3: Update the Printer Firmware

  • If there is a problem with drivers, you have to uninstall or update the printer driver.
  • To begin with, locate your EC-4020 printer driver and right-click on it to uninstall.

Lastly, install the new Epson WorkForce EC-4020 driver for the printer

Epson WorkForce Pro Ec-4020 Quality Problem

Are you getting poor quality prints? If yes, fix it now with our troubleshooting steps. At first, know the cause for the problem, and then proceed to issue fixing.

Sometimes, low ink in the toner may lead to low printing quality. If you replace the ink cartridge, it automatically resolves the issue. It is one of the common problems, which can be solved instantly. On the other hand, settings or other mechanical errors may be the reason for quality issues. Troubleshoot with the steps we instructed below for better quality.

  • Now, ensure that you have stacked dry and wrinkle-free papers.
  • The printable side should face up on the feeder.
  • Then, open the Head Cleaning and Print Head Alignment software to run them.
  • Next, go to the Main menu in the driver and choose Automatic mode.
  • After that, check and clean the ink leakage inside the Stylus Scan.
  • If needed, adjust the settings with the “+” option.
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Epson WorkForce Pro Ec-4020 Software Installation Problems

Are you tired of installing the software for multiple times? We understand the installation problem that you are facing. Here is the helper guide with step-by-step instructions for hassle-free software installation.

  • To begin with, ensure your printer is ON with a stable power connection.
  • Then, verify the interconnecting cables, including power and USB cable.
  • Next, check if the cables are connected securely to the devices.
  • Also, run an internet speed test. Sometimes, slow internet connection results in software installation failure.
  • If the internet is slow, troubleshoot the network connection and try downloading the software.
  • After that, close the currently running program to speed up the driver download process.
  • Now, restart the Epson WorkForce EC-4020 driver download.
  • For that, open the printer support page and type the printer model.
  • Then, choose the compatible Epson EC-4020 drivers and click on the Download option.
  • To install the software, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If any error message pops on the screen, connect with our printer technician.
Checking for Epson Software Updates

Whether you have downloaded basic or full feature driver, you should update the driver. You can update the driver when Epson releases it. For both Mac and Windows, you can download the available drivers.


  • Fixes the existing bugs on the driver
  • Upgrades the device efficiency
  • Enhances the printer features


The Windows device updates the printer driver automatically. Sometimes, it is necessary to update the software manually.

  • Initially, switch on your Windows device and select the Windows icon.
  • Next, look for the Software Update option, and choose it.
  • Then, click on the Driver Update option and complete the update.


When you have connected the MAC to the Epson EC-4020 printer, update the drivers periodically. By doing so, you can experience the enhanced features with better quality.

  • To begin with, go to the Application option from the MAC computer.
  • Then, select the Epson Software and scroll through the options.
  • After that, choose the Epson Software Updater to complete the driver update.