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Why Is My Epson Printer Showing Offline Status?

Why Is My Epson Printer Showing Offline Status?

When it comes to using printers, facing technical issues are quite common. This is where most printer users feel stuck, with no way to move forward. Managing a printer, especially an Epson printer can be done with ease if the right instructions are available. Furthermore, if you fail to possess basic technical knowledge, you have the option of contacting us for further assistance without facing the hassle of managing the printer yourself.

Here are some of the reasons why the Epson printer indicates it is offline.

  1. There is a wireless connection that is unable available.
  2. The connection is not active and unstable.
  3. Wrong internal printer settings have been made.
  4. Printer driver issues.

To resolve these issues, the below-rectifying steps must be followed to make sure the Epson printer issue is resolved causing the printer to continue functioning online.

Check the wireless connection

The wireless connection the printer is connected to should have an active connection. If the connection is not stable, then there is a high possibility of the printer indicating it is offline because of the lack of network connection. Make sure the wireless connection is properly functioning. Restart the wireless router if needed. Following this, ensure the printer and the router are placed close. Resolve the issue by using the WPS push button method to connect to a wireless connection.

Internal Settings

The printer should always be set to function online. These internal changes will have to be made using the printer control panel. The changes will have to be made using the following instructions. Open the Settings option and choose Printers and Devices.
Following this, locate the desired Epson printer. Right-click the printer and select Make Printer Online from the pop-up menu. Also, set the Epson printer as the default printer.

Printer drivers

The Epson printer driver should be updated at all times. It is important that drivers are updated at all times as they come with bug fixes and issue fixes. The printer driver, as well as the device software, should also be updated to allow the printer to indicate online.

Restart the device

For the changes to be allied on the device, then the final step is to restart the printer. While the printer is powered up, remove the power cord from the printer’s end and then from the power supply. After allowing the printer to remain idle for a few minutes, the power should be connected back. Complete a check.
The issue should be resolved and the printer should indicate that it is online. If there are further issues with the Epson printer, contact us for further assistance on resolving the Epson printer issue.