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Epson stylus-cx4600 driver Support Wireless Setup, Driver install

Epson stylus-cx4600 Printer Setup Install

epson stylus-cx4600 setup driver support epson connect wireless

Epson stylus-cx4600 Printer Small-in-one Multifunction color printer that uses the ink-jet color technology. It can copy files from 1 to 99 at the maximum.
Epson stylus-cx4600 allows you to print, scan and copy files and documents with ink cartridges in both B/W and in color. It comes with the Epson DuraBrite Ultra inks for individual colors-Cyan, Magenta, Black, and Yellow.
Epson stylus-cx4600 driver support creates high-quality photos in both B/W & in color which has 4 ink cartridges

Epson stylus-cx4600 Printer Setup

  • Epson stylus-cx4600 can print up to 9 pages per minute in black and 4.5 pages per minute in color.
  • The Epson Micro Piezo inkjet technology is used in  Epson stylus-cx4600 setup.
  • It comes with 1.44-inch display size.
  • Maximum printing resolution is 5760*1440 dpi for both color & B/W.

Epson stylus-cx4600 Connect Services

  • Epson stylus-cx4600 can print in A4 sheets, glossy photo sheets, matte paper and semi-glossy papers in both B/W and color.
  • The standard media capacity for plain paper-100 and for Envelope-10.
  • It supports special features like photo restoration and red-eye correction.

Epson stylus-cx4600 Support

  • Epson stylus-cx4600 can connect with an interface like USB 2.0.
  • It uses Wi-Fi Direct security protocols for connecting your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer and PC.
  • Epson stylus-cx4600 driver supports Air Print, Google Cloud Print and scan to cloud.
  • Supported Flash Memory is a Storage Device Memory card.

epson stylus cx4600 printer connect setup

Epson stylus-cx4600 for Driver Download

Epson stylus-cx4600 for Windows

Epson stylus-cx4600 printer drivers are to be downloaded and updated often because they contain some packages and software that helps you. The Epson Printer Driver Software Download is available for both for Windows and Mac Operating System. In order to download Epson printer Drivers now just call us now.

Epson stylus-cx4600 for Mac

After buying Epson stylus-cx4600 printer, first-time users are advised to download Epson stylus-cx4600 user manuals to understand the user guidelines and setting up the documents. User manuals guide you for quickly understanding the features of Epson printer setup. Download the User manual for Epson stylus-cx4600.

Epson stylus-cx4600 First Time Printer Setup

Once you have unboxed your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer now it’s time for you to setup Epson stylus-cx4600 printer. To do so follow these instructions,

  • Step:1 Choose a place for your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer that you are comfortable to work with.
  • Step:2 Avoid placing it in the sunlight and make sure it is free from dust, heat and away from water.
  • Step:3 Place your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer near the wall or a firm table.
  • Step:4 Make sure that your printer is near to the power supply.
  • Step:5 Once you fix the place, start setting your printer.
  • Step:6 Plug in the power cord to the back side of the printer.
  • Step:7 When Epson stylus-cx4600 setup is turned on open epson printer cover.
  • Step:8 The display screen on the printer will help to set up the ink cartridges.
  • Step:9 Remove them from the cover and shake it well before fixing them.
  • Step:10 Take the new Epson stylus-cx4600 printer cartridge and snap it in.
  • Step:11 Fix all the 4 color ink cartridges to the printer. make sure it is affixed properly.
  • Step:12 Close the Epson stylus-cx4600 printer cover after fixing the cartridges.
  • Step:13 Place the paper in the paper tray at the top.
  • Step:14 Now connects Epson stylus-cx4600 printer to your PC with a USB.
  • Step:15 Plug the cords into the power supply and turn them on.
  • Step:16 Once connected proceed with Epson stylus-cx4600 software installation.
  • Step:17 Insert the CD with Epson stylus-cx4600printer software and run it.
  • Step:18 Choose your specific printer model Epson stylus-cx4600 install the printer software by accepting the license agreement.
  • Step:19 Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Step:20 Choose the path and the folder to install the driver software for your Epson stylus-cx4600 driver .
  • Step:21 You can also connect your printer with Wi-Fi connection.
  • Step:22 Or you can also use an SD card to print.
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Epson stylus-cx4600 Driver Installation for Windows

Installing the Epson XP-300 for windows helps to get the new version and adapt to the new features. Epson Printer Drivers will be updated occasionally as per the latest technology. When manually installing Epson stylus-cx4600 printer driver from the CD make sure that supports the version of your windows PC and Epson stylus-cx4600 model.

To download or update the driver for Epson stylus-cx4600 printer you can check the epson-print.us. Double click the driver to download the latest version for your printer Epson stylus-cx4600 and follow the instructions provided on the www.epson-print.us.

  • Step:1 Choose your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer type correctly.
  • Step:2 In the download option, there will be three tabs namely, Drivers, Utilities, and Firmware.
  • Step:3 Click on Epson stylus-cx4600 drivers to download it.
  • Step:4 Use the system administrator username and password to sign in.
  • Step:5 Click the start menu.
  • Step:6 Find the Device Manager and click the Device Manager Menu.
  • Step:7 There you will find a list of hardware categories, double-click on the preferred device.
  • Step:8 Now move to the driver tab, click update printer driver for Epson stylus-cx4600.
  • Step:9 Enter administrator password, Windows will automatically check for the latest updates and install them for better printing experience.
  • Step:10 After the Epson stylus-cx4600 setup installation ensure whether your system is working properly or not.
  • Step:11 If not update it properly, then check whether the automatic update is on
  • Step:12 Go to settings on the right edge of the screen.
  • Step:13 Click PC settings and change the settings as per your desire.
  • Step:14 Now click the update and recovery option and then click windows update.

Epson stylus-cx4600 Driver Installation for Mac

Epson stylus-cx4600 printer installation is also suitable for Mac OS. To install the Epson stylus-cx4600 software, use the CD which is provided with your printer. Or download the printer drivers for Epson stylus-cx4600 from Apple’s Software Update. Installing the Epson stylus-cx4600 for Mac OS helps you to get the new version and adapt to the new features. Follow these steps to easily install your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer to your Mac device.

Insert the software installation CD and follow the steps, select the MAC OS X folder to continue printing in both B/W and in color.

  • Step:1 Now you will be prompted with a screen showing a set of languages that are used by your Macintosh or the printer model Epson stylus-cx4600.
  • Step:2 In certain languages like English, French and Italian, you have to choose the software like Epson Easy Photo Print and Epson Print CD that suits your printer model Epson stylus-cx4600.
  • Step:3 After selecting your desire Epson stylus-cx4600 software now you have to double click on the printer driver folder in your MAC device.
  • Step:4 To install your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer in your Mac OS, the administrator username and password is needed.
  • Step:5 Enter all the required details and click Ok to continue with the installation process.
  • Step:6 License agreement page for the software appears on screen, go through it carefully.
  • Step:7 Select the checkbox “I agree to the agreement” and click Ok.
  • Step:8 Now select the Easy install option.
  • Step:9 Restart your Mac device and Epson stylus-cx4600 printer after the installation process completes.
  • Step:10 Now goes to the Print Center option available the Applications/ Utilities/ folder.
  • Step:11 In order to check the available printer list select the Printer setup utility folder.
  • Step:12 You can connect your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer either on USB, Wi-Fi, or may use an SD card to print docs and photos.
Epson stylus-cx4600 Services


Epson stylus-cx4600 printer model can copy documents and photos in both B/W or in color in various sizes of paper. You can copy more than one page by setting the page size, a maximum limit is 99 papers. You can use your Up or Down arrow keys to select the exact size from 1 to 99. Change the copy settings with the Epson settings that have special copy settings features. The document can be enlarged up to 400%.


Fax setup is an alternate method to print a doc in fax enabled printers. The basic fax setup is done easily using the fax setting.  Setup fax Epson stylus-cx4600 printer to send or receive fax within seconds. The settings that you prefer for fax setup can also be changed with the help of Epson stylus-cx4600 Fax menu. You will be required the administrator’s username and password to log in with the settings that you prefer to change.


Epson stylus-cx4600 printer can scan your paper with the optical resolution of 1300x 2400 dpi. You can download and install the Epson scanning software for scanning images, photos and documents with the color depth up to 48bit. The Epson stylus-cx4600 driver allows you to customize the scan settings and helps to preview your documents. You can preview your scanned documents and make changes if necessary.


Epson stylus-cx4600 printer helps you to connect both in wired and in Wireless connection. Connections are made with Wireless router or through USB ports or you can directly connect an SD card to print. If you found any connectivity issues, try resetting the router and connect to it again. You can change the connection settings whichever suits you at that time. Epson stylus-cx4600 setup can easily connect to your PC.

Epson stylus-cx4600 Troubleshooting

There are some common problems which every printer face. Epson stylus-cx4600 Troubleshooting those problems helps a user to fix them and handle them if it returns in future. Epson stylus-cx4600 printer also has some minor problems and some of the common ones are discussed here. Our experts will guide with solutions for the most commonly handled problems.

Epson stylus-cx4600 Paper Feeding Problem

If paper feeding issue arises in Epson stylus-cx4600, troubleshoot the printer in order to feed the paper properly and print with quality.  If you are facing Epson stylus-cx4600 Paper Jamming Error, then follow these steps to recover your epson printer,

  • Step1: If a paper doesn’t feed properly remove it from the paper insertion slot.
  • Step2: Remove the jammed paper gently from Epson stylus-cx4600 printer.
  • Step3: Look for any tiny piece stuck inside and remove them too.
  • Step4: If the paper is stuck inside, open the scanner and remove the paper carefully.
  • Step5: If you can’t do it gently, turn off the printer to lift the scanner and then remove the jammed paper.
  • Step6: Once removed close the scanner and turn on Epson stylus-cx4600 printer.
  • Step7: Make sure the corners of the paper are not bent, folded, or curled up.
  • Step8: A paper should not be too thin or too thick otherwise it gets stuck.
  • Step9: Before printing, make sure the paper is not wrinkled.
Epson stylus-cx4600 Faxing Problem

Epson stylus-cx4600 printer sometimes ends up with faxingProblem. Epson stylus-cx4600 Troubleshooting the problems will help you to send and receive fax easily. Follow these instructions to clear the issue that arises while faxing a file or a document.

  • Step1: Turn on the fax in your Epson stylus-cx4600 printer.
  • Step2: To send a fax to other devices, make sure the fax option is turned on their device too.
  • Step3: If anyone of the devices is not connected then you may not be able to send or receive the fax.
  • Step4: If the line port of your printer Epson stylus-cx4600 printer connected is static then change the settings.
  • Step5: Go to Fax, select Menu, choose Fax Setting, go to Communication, and then turn off Epson stylus-cx4600 Error Correction Mode settings.
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Epson stylus-cx4600 Printing and Coping Problem

Every printer will trouble you with printing and copying issues sometimes. Epson stylus-cx4600 driver expression printer also has some problems; for solving it simply follow these basic steps:

  • Step1: Check whether the loaded paper properly fits in the tray, if not so adjust the edges and correct them.
  • Step2: Make sure that you don’t load the paper above the arrow mark found on the edge of the main tray.
  • Step3: Check for the size and type of the paper loaded match with the settings in the control panel.
  • Step4: With the help of Automatic Document Feeder you can fax or scan a legal-size document but you cannot copy them they will be automatically copied.
  • Step5: Do not dump too many papers at the same time.
  • Step6: Make sure the paper is placed correctly on the scanner glass, adjust all the corners properly and try printing.
  • Step7: If a problem arises in copying files, check the copy settings properly and choose the desired number of copies to be printed then try printing.
  • Step8: If the printing problem is found again check all the printer settings, remove all the connection, turn off the printer and try printing.
  • Step9: Do not use crushed or damaged paper for printing; it might stick to the printer.
  • Step10:Avoid paper with holes or punched papers for a printer.
Epson stylus-cx4600 Quality Problem

If you are not satisfied with the Epson stylus-cx4600 printer quality or may find any issue in the clarity while printing or while scanning any document, follow these steps to rectify them.

  • Step1: Use only the Epson stylus-cx4600 printer’s ink cartridges to experience better printing quality.
  • Step2: Paper, you use for the printer should in good condition and in the correct size.
  • Step3: If you find your printing light and dark lines in your prints, check the nozzle.
  • Step4: Remove all the dust from the nozzle and printer head, clean it and then try printing.
  • Step5: If you see any vertical lines across your printed then you have to align the print head properly.
  • Step6: Check for the ink, if the printer is out of ink refill it or change the cartridge if the ink is too old.
  • Step7: You should often check the ink cartridges status and replace the cartridge if required.
  • Step8: If the problem still prevails, align the print head properly and change the high-speed settings in your Epson stylus-cx4600 setup printer software.
  • Step9: If your printed paper looks blurry or smeared, use a support sheet or special paper for printing.
  • Step10: If your printed paper is incorrect in color to check the color management settings and change them to print with good quality.

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