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Unboxing the Epson ET-3760 Printer setup | Epson ET-3760 Manual

Epson ET-3760 Support

  • Super tank Ink Refillable Ink Reservoir – Gives you cartridge-free ink, minimizes your costs and plastic wastage
  • 3-in-1 with Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), Wireless, and Ethernet – that can permit you to print, copy, or scan using the ADF, Wireless, or Ethernet connection.
  • 2.4″ Colour Touchscreen – make the best using the convenient interaction. And analyze any issues with your printer using the color touchscreen.
  • Supreme Print Resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi – serves you with the highest quality prints for any design or photo you want to print.
  • Most Scanner Resolution of 9600 dpi – make the best with quality prints.
  • Largest Black Print Speed of 15 ppm and Colour Print Speed of 8 ppm. Start the print work with efficient printer features.
  • 30 sheet capacity ADF with 2-side copying – copy any documents you need with the capable ADF. For more needs, you can access using epson.com/support/et3760.

Loading papers in Epson Eco tank ET-3760 printer

  • Pull to open the paper cassette that is located below the control panel and slide out the edge guides outside.
  • Take the quality paper sheets and position like printable side downwards. Keep the paper sheets and adjust the edge guides.
  • Try to ensure that the paper does not end outside from the cassette but rather into the edge guide.
  • Then, choose the size and type of paper to be inserted using the LCD screen. Approx. it can hold around 250 sheets in the paper tray.
  • Change your paper settings using the control panel and hit the Home button to move on with the setup.
  • Complete with settings and close the tray by leaving the output tray open.

Epson EcoTank ET-3760 printing is slow

  • When you operate the printer without letting any rest, you will be getting this type of slow printing error.
  • If you have confirmed your slow printing issue on your epson.com/support/et3760 printer, proceed with the below steps.
  • Then, you have to cancel the current printing job/command. Wait for the printer to take some spare time.
  • Let the printer cools for a certain period, and try to close all the running files & documents.
  • Make sure, you have any file which has a high resolution for printing, which may lead to slow printing.
  • Try to disable the Bidirectional & High-speed printing option, which can make the printhead move in both directions which can cut the speed of the printing work.
  • Finally, access using the Mac OS and connect through the System Preferences>Menu> Printers & Scanners> Options & Suppliers> Unselect the High-speed printing cartridges that cannot recognize.

Epson ET-3760 Unboxing setup

  • To start with, you need to remove the excess packing wrappers and proceed using any sharp objects to cut the top of the box to open.
  • Pull out the printer upward and place it on the flat surface or table.
  • Then, you have to remove all the foams and protective tapes from the printer’s inner components & coverings.
  • Next, you have to peel out all the plastic sheets wrapped in the printer.
  • Take the respective ink cartridges out of the box from the new packing covers and authenticate the colors.
  • Ensure there are no blue tapes present inside or outside of the printer.
  • In the end, you need to ensure with the Epson ET-3760 Manual and start the printer setup arrangements. For more support- epson.com/support/et3760.

Epson ET-3760 Printer guidelines

  • To run your printer setup for long-span, you have some instructions to be done. Follow the below steps.
  • Never place your desired Epson printer nearby the micro-oven or other heat-producing machines or devices. Which may spoil the printer function & handlings.
  • Then, most try to reach away from the children.
  • Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and water practicing area to avoid dust & damage.
  • Arrange the printer to your comfortable space to handle your work.
  • Try to keep the printer close to the electric socket or plug points. Don’t use any extensions or surge connectivity.
  • In the end, if your Epson ET-3760 printer is with regular practices, you may get an escape from this kind of troubleshooting procedure.

Wi-Fi setup in Epson ET-3760 printer

  • Start the troubleshooting procedure by ensuring the wireless router connect to the required configurations. Using the Epson ET- 3760 wireless setup manual.
  • Try to use the Epson ET-3760 Manual and epson.com/support/et3760 to configure the power cords respective to their slots and switch ON it.
  • Ensure whether the connections are done to start the wireless setup procedures with standard network support.
  • With the help of an active computer and install the printer software. By feeding the CD provided to the Epson ET-3760 printer box.
  • Then, you have to place the required new ink cartridges and enough paper sheets into the input tray to begin the next step of wireless printing work.
  • Further, you have to use the Epson Official page to download & install the Epson EcoTank Et-3760 printer setup software on your computer.
  • Then, you need to complete the software setup using the given on-screen. Choose the wireless connection to the end of the installation procedure. To the end, complete the setup using the options like- setup printer for the first time> Next.