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Epson ET-2803 Support

  • Get your printer setup and handlings a one-step process. Epson ET-2803 printer was manufactured to give the best output.
  • You can have features like Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax. As a result of this, it is stated as an All-in-one printer setup.
  • When you need a large number of printing needs, use the Epson ET-2803 printer that executes uninterrupted printing output with a quicker process.
  • Epson ET-2803 printer can access Precision core print head technology to elevate the printing output.
  • You can use this printer for small and medium sector business fields.
  • Further, it is available with ADF (Automatic Document feeder) with refillable ink cartridge facilities.
  • You can connect via Ethernet and USB cable mode as per your preferences. To get the best details of the printer, use epson.com/support/et2803.

Loading papers in Epson Eco tank ET-2803 printer

  • Try to pull and open the paper cassette that is located below the control panel and slide out the door to open it.
  • Get supported with premium/ quality paper sheets to place with printable side downwards. Then, arrange the loaded paper sheets using the edge guides.
  • At the same time, make sure the paper does not come out of the tray i.e. the cassette, and close the access door.
  • Now, you have to extend the output tray and access the paper stopper.
  • Select the desired size and type of paper as per the loaded characteristics using the LCD screen. Try not to overload the paper sheets that may cause troubleshooting in the future or while accessing.
  • Alter the paper settings using the control panel and confirm with the Home button to continue the setup procedures.
  • Finish the appropriate settings and close the tray by letting the output tray open.

Epson EcoTank ET-2803 printing is slow

  • When the gadgets are been roughly used for more heavy work, certainly you will be under trouble and attention at one period.
  • When the printer shows any slow printing issue on your epson.com/support/et2803 printer. Now, use the below steps carefully.
  • Initially, try to cancel the current printing job/command. Wait until the printer turns to idle.
  • Get back to the opened tabs and try to close all the running files & documents.
  • Make sure that the selected document doesn’t have any high-resolution files, which may end up in slow printing.
  • Further, disable the Bidirectional & High-speed printing option. this will let the print head move in either direction which will end up in low speed in the printing process.
  • Access through the Mac OS to connect via the options like System Preferences>Menu> Printers & Scanners> Options & Suppliers> Unselect the High-speed printing cartridges that cannot be recognized.

Epson ET-2803 Unboxing setup

  • Gently remove all the wrappers using sharp objects to unpack the package and bring the printer out.
  • Try to lift the printer upward and place it on a smooth surface or table.
  • Then, eradicate all the foams and protective tapes from the printer’s inner components & coverings.
  • Try to peel off all the plastic sheets that are used for printer screen protection.
  • Use the ink cartridges to load them according to the specified slots as per the colors.
  • Confirm that they don’t have any blue tapes present inside or outside of the printer.
  • At last, connect via Epson ET-2803 Manual and start the printer setup arrangements. Connect through – www.epson.com/Support  for the best support.

Epson ET-2803 Printer guidelines

  • For the best printer performance with great durability, use the below steps.
  • Never leave your printer close to the micro-oven or other heat-producing machines or devices that may spoil the printer’s functionality.
  • Always don’t keep this at the place of children reachable.
  • Avoid keeping it to the direct sunlight and water practicing area to avoid dust & damage.
  • Place the active printer in a comfortable spot to work uninterruptedly.
  • Always prefer to keep the printer close to the electric socket or plug points, to avoid extensions or surge connectivity.
  • Finally, use the Epson ET-2803 printer in turn to avoid this kind of troubleshooting issue.

Wi-Fi setup in Epson ET-2803 printer

  • Make sure whether the wireless router is connected to the desired network before initiating the Epson ET-2803 wireless setup procedures.
  • Support through the Epson ET-2803 Manual and epson.com/support/et2803 to connect the power cords to their slots and turn ON the printer device.
  • Then, ensure the connections are connected to the wireless setup procedures using the stable network.
  • Connect through the active system support to install the printer software by feeding the CD given to the Epson ET-2803 printer box.
  • Place the ink cartridges and paper sheets into the input tray to begin the next step of wireless printing work.
  • Use the Epson Official page to download & install the Epson Eco Tank Epson ET-2803 printer setup software on your computer.
  • At last, finish the software setup via on-screen and choose the wireless connection to the end of the installation procedure. Confirm with the option first time>Ok.