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Epson Printer Support

The Epson printer can be set up using the details that can be found at www.epson.com/support. Access the website for instructions to complete the set-up of the Epson printer, download and install the driver, connect the Epson printer to a wireless connection and troubleshoot issues. Check out the www.epson.com/support link to begin using the Epson printer.

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Epson Printer Help
Driver Install Support

For more information on setting up the Epson printer, use the given link – www.epson.com/support. The Epson printer drivers can be found on the Epson support website. Note that the details of the Epson printer should be added accurately and choose the right operating system, such as the Mac OS or the Windows OS.


  • Power up the Windows device the Epson printer is connected to and open the www.epson.com/support.
  • Enter the details of the printer and choose the Windows OS. Download the all-in-one printer driver.
  • Complete the installation of the Epson printer driver by following the on-screen instructions. Click Finish.

Wireless setup support

The Epson printer should be connected to the wireless connection. For more information, check www.epson.com/support. Multiple methods can be used to connect the printer to the wireless connection.

  • Power up the Epson printer and make sure there is an active wireless connection.
  • Move over to the Epson printer’s control panel and choose the wireless icon.
  • Choose the wireless setup wizard and a list of wireless connections will appear.
  • Select the desired wireless connection from the list, enter the details, and click OK.


  • Move over to the Mac device that the Epson printer is connected to and open the www.epson.com/support website.
  • Enter the details of the printer, such as the name, and choose the Mac OS from the list.
  • Complete the download and the installation of the Epson printer and complete the steps.


Follow the below steps to complete the Epson printer troubleshooting. Details can also be found at www.epson.com/support.

  • Restart the Epson printer to resolve underlying issues. Remove the power cord and reconnect it after a few minutes.
  • Ensure there is an active wireless connection to which the Epson printer is connected.
  • Following this, proceed to check if the Epson printer driver is updated at all times.
  • As a final measure, reinstall the Epson printer driver using the www.epson.com/support link.