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Fix color problems on the Epson WF 3820 printer

How can I fix color problems on my Epson WF 3820 printer?

Printing difficulties with your color cartridge might be caused by a variety of factors. Read on for more information on how to resolve the printer issues.

Check your printer settings on the file or image you’re attempting to print first. Your page will only print in black and white if it is selected to print in “grayscale. ” Set it to “default” to print in color. If your initial settings appear to be correct, the cartridge may only need to be primed. To achieve this, most printers include a built-in cleaning mechanism that you may use. Print a diagnostic page before cleaning to determine which colors are printing poorly.

How to Print a Diagnostic Page on an Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820?

  • Select “Maintenance,” then “Printhead Nozzle Check.”
  • Select “Print,” and the diagnostic page will be printed.
  • This is the cartridge to use if the lines of a specific colour are splotchy or missing. Select the red “X” to indicate that there is a print quality issue with one of the cartridges, and the printer will invite you to do a printhead cleaning. 

How to Run a Print head Cleaning on the Epson Pro WF-3820?

  • Select “Start” to begin the cleaning, which takes about 2 minutes.
  • When the cleaning is complete you can choose to print out a new diagnostic page to check if the print quality issue was resolved.
  • If the colour is still not coming through, let the printer remain for about 10 minutes before performing a second cleaning to enable the ink to soak on the printhead.
  • It may take many cleanings to properly prime a cartridge, especially if the printer has been resting for a while.
  • If you run a couple of cleanings without results, it might be a defective cartridge.
  • Faulty cartridges are uncommon, although they do occur from time to time.
  • Compare outcomes while printing with a fresh cartridge.
  • If the cartridge is at blame, inquire into the manufacturer’s warranty for a replacement.

Alternatively, you have the option of getting in touch with us to assist in the process of resolving the Epson printer.