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How to Connect Epson ET-3850 Printer to WiFi - Wireless Setup

Epson EcoTank-3850 Wireless

connect the epson et 3850 printer to the wifi

How to Connect Epson ET-3850 Printer to WiFi?

The Epson ET 3850 printer is a wireless printer that can be connected to a wireless connection in the simplest manner. With the right instructions, the Epson ET 3850 printer can be connected to a wireless connection. Follow the steps below for assistance, or contact us for hand-held guidance to connect the printer.

Epson ET-3850 Wireless Setup

Epson ET 3850 wireless setup for Windows

  • Power up the Epson ET 3850 printer and the Windows device.
  • Ensure there is an active wireless connection that is stable.
  • Move over to the printer and choose the wireless settings.
  • From there, choose the wireless setup wizard.
  • The available wireless connection will be available.
  • Enter the wireless connection credentials in the designated area.
  • Then click OK at the end, and the process is complete.

Epson ET-3850 Wireless Setup for Mac

  • Power up the printer and the Mac device.
  • Check the wifi connection. Make a note of the wireless credentials.
  • Press the wireless connection settings on the printer.
  • Choose the wireless setup wizard and confirm it.
  • Based on this, a list of connections will appear.
  • Choose the desired connection and enter the details.
  • In a few seconds, the wifi connection will be established.

epson et 3850 printer connect setup

Epson ET-3850 Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Setting up the wireless network on the Epson ET 3850 printer is a simple process. Follow the instructions mentioned below to complete the connection of the printer to the wifi connection.

Epson ET-3850 Wireless not working

  • To begin with, the troubleshooting process, ensure there is a wireless connection.
  • It should be active and the printer should be close to the connection.
  • Restart the Epson ET 3850 printer and check if the issue continues.
  • Do the same with the wifi connection. Turn off the printer router.
  • Complete the process of connecting the printer to the connection.
  • If there are further issues, check the printer driver.
  • Update the Epson ET 3850 driver if needed.

Epson ET-3850 Wi-Fi setup failed

  • The reason this could occur is if there was a network interruption.
  • Ensure the wireless connection is active and stable.
  • Place the printer close to the wireless connection.
  • Once the connection is established, connect the Epson ET 3850 printer.
  • Alternatively, use the WSP push button method to reconnect it back.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on the router and activate it on the printer.
  • In a few seconds, the connection will be completed.

Epson ET-3850 Won’t connect to the new router

  • Turn on the Epson ET 3850 printer and power up the wireless router.
  • Ensure the printer and the driver are nearby.
  • Following this, make sure the printer and the router are close.
  • Make the necessary settings on the printer to connect to the wifi.
  • Use the WPS push button on the router and the printer.
  • Press and hold it down for a few seconds.
  • Complete the connection between the printer and the router.

If there are still issues with the printer and the wireless connection, contact us.