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Epson Xp-4200 Printer Troubleshooting

epson xp 4200 printer troubleshooting

Epson XP 4200 printer is one of the finest options for printing, scanning, and copying. It supports borderless photo printing and Wi-Fi printing from mobile devices.

Sometimes users might face the same problem with this printer, which are common when it comes to electronic items.

Considering this, here we are explaining the method to solve certain problems with XP 4200 printer.

How to get Epson Xp-4200 Printer Back to Online?

The simple guidelines to bring back the offline Epson XP 4200 printer online are:

  • To start with, switch ON your Epson XP 4200 printer.
  • Check and ensure the printer has no problem.
  • Move on to the Mac/Windows device connected to the XP printer.
  • Press the Windows key and I key to go to the settings section.
  • Choose the device option and click on it twice.
  • Click-Printer and Scanner and proceed with the instruction.
  • A list of printer names will be on the device screen.
  • Choose your XP printer and right-click on it.
  • Select – See what’s printing.
  • Uncheck – Stop printing from another printer.
  • Then, uncheck – See what’s printer is printing.
  • Select the given drop-down menu and choose-Use printer online.
  • Now, make the Epson XP 4200 printer the default printing option.
  • After that, open a file you want to print and click- File.
  • Make necessary changes in the Print settings and select – Print.

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How to reset your Epson Xp-4200 Printer?

The set of simple instructions for Epson XP 4200 printer reset are:

  • Initially, power up the Epson XP 4200 printer.
  • Access the printer and move on to its rear end.
  • Press the reset button of the Epson XP 4200 printer.
  • Wait for the XP printer to print a warning printout.
  • Check and start identifying printer problems.
  • Wait for the problem-finding process to finish.
  • Then, fix the issues as per the standard steps.
  • Wait for the ongoing process to be over.
  • After that, access the Epson XP 4200 printer and reboot it.
  • Activate the Mac or Windows computer.
  • Connect the XP printer to the Mac/Windows device.
  • After that, open the document you would like to print.
  • Select the option – File and choose the Print button.
  • Adjust the print settings as per the requirements.
  • Click on the Print option.

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Epson Xp-4200 Will Not Connect to Wi-Fi

The standard steps for fixing the Epson 4200 printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi problem are:

  • Check and make sure the wifi router has no issues.
  • Then, ensure the Epson printer is faultless.
  • Place the router near the Epson XP 4200 printer.
  • After that, go to the wifi router and reboot it.
  • Make a connection between the Epson printer and router.
  • Activate the computer connected to the XP 4200 printer.
  • Confirm the installed printer driver is of the latest version.
  • If the printer driver is of the older version, then uninstall it.
  • Download the compatible version Epson XP 4200 driver.
  • Extract the Epson XP 4200 driver setup file on the computer.
  • Proceed with the on-screen set of guidelines.
  • Finish the driver installation and print the Wi-FI test report.
  • If you see any issue in the report, fix it.

Still, if the wifi problem exists in the Epson XP 4200 printer, get in touch with us.

Epson Xp-4200 Will Not Print

The simple set of procedures for resolving the Epson XP 4200 printer not printing issue is:

  • Disconnect the Power cord from the Epson XP 4200 printer.
  • Check and make sure the USB cable has no problem.
  • If any fault in the USB cord, get a new one.
  • Then, move on to the computer and access the settings section.
  • Choose – Bluetooth & devices and select- Printers and Scanners.
  • Select your desired Epson printer and, right-click on it.
  • Choose- Update driver and click – Search automatically drivers.
  • Wait until the process gets over and reboot the computer.
  • Check and ensured the installed ink cartridges are perfect.
  • If any problem with the ink cartridges, remove them.
  • Insert new Epson Printer cartridges into the cartridge slots.
  • Clear the print tasks and load papers onto the paper tray.
  • Finally, take a test print.

If the Epson XP 4200 printer is still not printing, contact our tech team.

Epson Xp-4200 Driver unavailable issue

The simple instructions for fixing the Epson XP 4200 driver unavailable problem are:

  • Access the Windows/Mac computer, which is in connection with the XP printer.
  • Check and make sure the device has no problem.
  • Ensure the device has an updated version of the OS.
  • Choose the device menu and select the firmware option.
  • Check and find outdated or faulty printer drivers.
  • Remove the faulty or outdated driver from the device.
  • After that, delete the Epson XP 4200 printer.
  • Then, download the Epson XP 4200 driver compatible with the OS version.
  • Run the driver RAR file and continue with the wizard steps.
  • Finish the driver setup process.
  • Add your XP 4200 printer to the device using the wizard steps.

Still, if you experience the same problem, contact our technical experts.

Epson Xp-4200 Printer Paper Jam

The basic instructions for resolving the Epson XP 4200 paper jam issue are:

  • Check and make sure the Epson XP 4200 printer is faultless.
  • Then, check the paper feeder tray and ensure it has no issue.
  • Make sure the printer paper tray has no jammed papers.
  • Check the sheets in the tray and confirm they are perfect.
  • Make sure the sheets in the tray support XP 4200 printer.
  • Place the bunch of sheets on the paper tray with proper alignment.
  • Close the printer paper tray.
  • After that, access the print head and clean it.
  • Move on to the computer connected to the XP printer.
  • Then, open a document on the computer.
  • Print the document to ensure the paper jam issue is fully fixed.

Contact our technical experts if still the problem is not fully resolved.