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Epson WF 7820 WPS Pin | Workforce 7820 Wifi Protected Setup

Epson WF 7820 WPS Pin Setup

Epson WF 7820 is a multi-purpose color inkjet printer. It is fair in photo printing with adequate image quality. The Epson WF 7820 printer can access directly from SD cards. The user can configure and inaugurate the functions such as multipage two-sided copies, scanning to or printing from USB port drives. Make sure to download the Epson WF-7820 driver onto the system without any error, choose the OS with respect to the system.

Connect the Epson Workforce WF 7820 printer to a wireless network to enjoy remote printing. The printer supports both wired and wireless connections. One of the easiest techniques to connect the epson printer to the router is by using the WPS technique.

epson wf 7820 wps pin

How to find the WPS pin in Epson WF 7820 printer (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)?

The Epson WF 7820 printer has an option to connect the ROUTER to the printer in less than a minute. Make sure that the router has a WPS button to initiate the connection. Use the techniques given below to complete the Epson WF 7820 Wifi setup.

  • Turn on the printer and link the printer to the network.
  • Load enough ink cartridges in the cartridge slots.
  • Take a stack of high-quality Epson printing paper
  • Fan its edges and load it in the paper cassette
  • Access the printer control
  • Click the home button on the Epson printer.
  • Press the L symbol.
  • Choose Wi-Fi recommended
  • Press push-button setup (WPS).
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete and find the WPS pin.
  • The WPS pin will flash in the screen.
  • Now enter the WPS pin in the router
  • Complete the setup.
  • Connect the DEVICE to the same network.
  • Choose any document and run a test print.

Note: If the user did not use the WPS pin within 2minute, the user has to generate the Epson WF 7820 new pin.

If you do not have access to any USB cable, easily connect the printer to the router using the WPS technique. The WPS technique allows the printer to link with the Control panel. It will allow connection without any delay, always run a test print after completing the Epson WF 7820 Wifi setup.