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Epson Photo XP-8700 Driver | Epson XP-8700 Printer WiFi Setup

Epson Photo XP-8700 Printer Setup Install

epson photo xp 8700 diver install, connect to wifi

Epson printer setup can handle Multi-tasking features for fabulous printing access. You can arrange the Epson printer setup using the compatible system for effortless access. Make use of the stable network and enjoy the wireless features, in turn, to get the best printing work. Connect through the given guidelines for the efficient printer setup.

Epson Photo XP-8700 Printer Setup

  • Try to keep the printer setup on a flat surface to arrange the printer using the system.
  • Confirm with the wireless network to start the network printing.
  • To the end, try to download the Epson XP-8700 printer driver and proceed with the installation process using on-screen.

Epson Photo XP-8700 Connect Services

  • Select the wireless connection to start the printer setup.
  •  Try to connect the printer setup and devices to the same network.
  •  Confirm with the print option, by enabling the print work using the windows and mac OS.

Epson Photo XP-8700 Support

Ensure with the Epson Photo XP-8700 printer driver for effortless access.

  1.  Try to discard all the ongoing printing tasks.
  2. Then, continue with www.epson.com/support/xp8700 for the best assistance & support.

epson Photo XP-8700 printer connect setup

Epson Photo XP-8700 for Driver Download

Epson Photo XP-8700 driver download for windows

Connect to the Epson Photo XP-8700 driver download page and work on the driver download installation using the Windows operating system. Operate through the secured browser to start the download & try to download the suitable driver download. Ten, you have to run the installed file on the operating system. Operate using the user manual for the Epson Photo XP-8700 for the best help.

Epson Photo XP-8700 driver download for Mac

Browse through www.epson.com/support/xp8700 and specify the needed printer model and click the suitable driver download file. Try to download the desired driver file and extract it to start the driver installation. Take the support of the USB cable and link the computer or laptop to the Epson printer. Use the on-screen and complete the driver installation.

Epson Photo XP-8700 First Time Printer Setup

Carry out the given guidelines and complete the First-Time printer setup:

  • Start the printer setup using the Manual and complete the First-time printer setup.
  • Clear all the wrapped packaging to lift the printer to start the interface using the system. Turn ON the printer once you have completed the printer setup from the outlet.
  • Keep the new ink cartridges into the slots given and take the quality/recommended paper sheets into the tray. Close all the trays.
  • Use the Epson Official page and download the latest driver file for your Epson photo XP-8700 printer. Download and install the OS file using the on-screen given.
  • Add the printer and ensure the connectivity type.
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Epson Printer Help

Epson Photo XP-8700 Driver Installation for Windows

  • To begin with, pick the stable network connection and pick the Epson Photo XP-8700 drivers to download.
  • Feed the printer keys and select the download printer and scanner drivers and download process.
  • Once the download procedure is done, install the OS file using the on-screen directives.
  • Next, you have to prefer the type of network and hit the Epson XP driver flies.
  • Complete the Epson Photo XP-8700 driver setup using the windows and assign the test print work.

Epson Photo XP-8700 Driver Installation for Mac

  • You can use the website- www.epson.com/support/xp8700 and pick our desired printer model using the stable network.
  • In the next step, choose the printer and scanner drivers to download and start the download process on your system.
  • Next, you have to start the installation of the Epson Photo XP-8700 printer Mac system. Using the administrator username and password.
  • Restart the Mac system once you complete the on-screen guidelines for the installation. Now, choose the printer setup utility folder from the next screen.
  • To the end, ensure the preferred connectivity setup using the USB or Wi-Fi, or SD card to start the document for the printing work.
Epson Photo XP-8700 Services


The Epson Photo XP-8700 printers can copy documents both in black and white and colour and in various paper sizes. By setting the page size, you can copy more than one page, with a maximum limit of 99 papers. The arrow keys help to select the exact size from 1 to 99. The special copy settings features allow you to change the copy settings and allow you to enlarge a document up to 400%.


Fax is an alternate method to print documents in fax-enabled printers. The administrator’s username and password are mandatory to log in and make preferable changes to your fax. The basic setup can be done easily using the fax settings, to send or receive fax both devices need to be accessible. You can send or receive fax within seconds.


The Epson printer scans your paper with an optical resolution of 1240x24oo dpi. By downloading and installing the Epson scanning software, you can scan images, photos, and documents with a color depth of up to 48bit. Its special feature includes the ability to customize the scan settings and allow you to preview your scanned documents and make necessary changes.


Epson Photo XP-8700 printer helps connection with both wired and wireless, connections can be made with the help of a router or through USB ports or direct connection with an SD card to print. Connection settings make it easy to make preferable changes to the connectivity. The Epson printer connects easily to your computer or laptop.

Epson Photo XP-8700 Troubleshooting

Complete the troubleshooting process by connecting to the given guidelines. Makes the work even more comfortable without any sort of issues on your connected Epson Photo XP-8700 printer.

Epson Photo XP-8700 Paper Feeding Problem
  • Make sure you have checked the paper size & alignment.
  • Don’t stuff too many paper sheets into the tray for the proficient printer setup.
  • If you suspect any issues like jammed or sticking between the carriage areas, open the scanner to eradicate the piece of paper.
  • If you have a lack of quality on the selected paper sheets, it may result in this type of issue.
  • Confirm with the paper sheets alignment and adjust using the guides.
Epson Photo XP-8700 Faxing Problem
  • Ensure with the fax device activeness to start the process of sending & receiving the Fax.
  • If you find the device to be abnormal, you won’t be able to send or receive a fax.
  • Try to locate the fax machine in the stable position and start the Epson Photo XP-8700 printer using the active connection.
  • During the process of sending or receiving a fax, you need to turn ON the fax option.
  • Try to avoid loose connections and improper connectivity to avoid future troubles.
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Epson Photo XP-8700 Printing and Coping Problem
  • Don’t try to load the extra paper sheets and use the control panel to confirm the size of the paper that suits the settings needed.
  • Try to keep the paper sheets properly on the scanner glass to avoid this type of issue.
  • Yet the issues persist, you have to confirm with the printer settings, unplug all the active connections, and switch OFF the active printer.
  • Don’t use the quality-less paper sheets for printing purposes.
  • Try to handle the input tray gently to avoid any physical damage.
Epson Photo XP-8700 Quality Problem

If there is an issue with the clarity of the printouts while printing or scanning any document, follow the steps below to help solve the issue. Use only the Epson Photo XP-8700 printer’s ink cartridge for the printer.

  • If you find dark lines appearing on your printouts, check the nozzle.
  • Remove all the dust from the nozzle and printer head, and try printing.
  • If vertical lines appear across your printer, it is a sign to align your paper properly.
  • Check for ink in the ink cartridges and replace them if needed.
  • Avoid using old ink and change ink quality often.
  • If there is still a problem, align the printer head correctly and change the high-speed settings on the Epson Photo XP-8700.
  • If there is a problem with the color quality, check management settings. This should help solve the problem.

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