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Epson Photo Drivers | How do I install Epson printer driver

Epson Photo Drivers

To start the printing work, you have to download the Epson Photo Drivers. Here, you can find many printer drivers that your Epson Photo printer supports. Basically, the Epson Photo printer is compatible with almost all the Windows and Mac versions. According to your computer’s OS, you can select drivers. One such driver setup is Epson Product Setup. It includes basic print drivers, network drivers, and scanner drivers. If you are not able to download the Epson Product Setup, then you can try to download “Drivers”. Drivers basically include the printers, scanners, and all-in-ones. Based on the need, download and install the driver for your printer.

Epson Photo Printer Setup

Epson Photo Printer Drivers

Epson Photo Printer Wireless

epson Photo drivers

Epson Photo Printer Driver Download

Download the compatible printer driver for the connected Mac or Windows device. Depending on the computer version, you can find out the suitable drivers from the available list.

Epson Windows Driver

Enable the features of the printer by downloading the Epson Photo Drivers. The new printer drivers can enhance performance in every aspect. Now, hit the driver download page and find the Epson Photo drivers. Before that, choose the model number and OS. Once the screen displays the printer drivers, download the drivers as per the on-screen instructions.

Epson MAc Driver

The Epson photo drivers for Mac are readily available for download. Once you complete the printer hardware setup, you can start the driver download. As an initial step, go to the printer driver page and also get the printer model and OS version. Then, type the product specification in the search box. Next, select the drivers for the Epson Photo Mac driver.

Epson Software Download

To download the drivers, you have to head to the Epson driver page. Now, identify the printer model and click on Start here. Next, choose to download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility. Then, hit the Continue option and allow the software to download by agreeing with the software license. After that, choose the Install and then select the product.

Epson Photo Connectivity mode

If your printer supports wired and wireless connectivity, the following instructions can help you with the connectivity setup.

Epson Photo Wireless Setup

Initially, go to the control panel of the printer and choose the Wi-Fi Setup option using the up or down arrow key. Next, click on the OK option and choose Wi-Fi Direct Setup. Then, find the Connection Setup and choose the Change Password option. After that, type the Wi-Fi Direct password to connect and hit the OK option.

Epson Photo USB Setup

Now, the Epson Photo USB setup is the easiest method for connecting the printer with the computer. The USB connection is offered only at the time of driver installation. For that, select the printer driver from the Epson driver page and continue with the driver download. When you get the connection screen, choose the USB connection type.

Epson Photo Printer Models