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Epson connect Wireless

Epson Connect Printer Setup for Wireless

Read Instruction to Connect the Epson Printer with Wireless for Help!

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Epson Connect Printer Setup for Wireless

  • Make sure that Epson printer is turned on before starting the connection process. If not, turn Epson printer on, as it is already connected to an electrical output.
  • Make sure that your computer is connected to a network connection. Also, check if the network connection has a steady flow before starting the setup.
  • Download the Epson Connect Wireless  printer setup utility from the www.epson-print.us and install it in your Wireless OS.
  • Make sure that the version of the software is compatible to your computer’s OS and then move on to accomplish Epson printer setup.
  • The software prompts you to select your model number after you install the software. Select the appropriate model number.
  • Register your  Epson printers on epson connect Wireless setup by using Epson printer registration option and make sure that your  Epson printer has been registered.
  • If you are new to the Epson connect, create a new account. If not, log into your account to finish the connection process.

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Epson Printer Models

Epson Connect Wireless setup driver support epson connect wireless

Epson XP Series

Epson Connect Wireless setup driver support epson connect wireless

Epson Workforce Series

Epson Connect Wireless setup driver support epson connect wireless

Epson Eco Tank Series

Epson Connect Wireless setup driver support epson connect wireless

Epson Stylus Series

Epson Connect Wireless setup driver support epson connect wireless

Epson Artisan Series

Epson Connect Wireless setup driver support epson connect wireless

Epson Photo Series

Epson Wireless Setup for Wireless

Connecting your  Epson printer to your system is a great way to increase productivity and grants you with an ease of accessibility. Doing so is easy, when you follow the given texts.

Epson Connect Printer for Wi-Fi Protect

  • Verify if Epson printer is turned on or not before starting the process. If it is not, turn it ON by connecting it to an electrical output.
  • After turning Epson printer ON, choose the Wi-Fi direct routerless setup on Epson printer’s control panel and proceed.
  • You can change the Wi-Fi password by using the settings on the control panel. Any devices are connected to the Wi-Fi direct will get automatically disconnected, when password is changed.
  • After changing the password, select done to complete the process and then turn on your computer by connecting it to a power source.
  • Connect your computer to the Wi-Fi direct by selecting the name of the network on the list of networks on Epson printer’s screen to complete the process

Epson Connect Printer to Print and scan for Wireless

  • Open the file that you want to print. Select Epson printer and choose source setting to change the paper type and quality in Epson printer settings according to your preference.
  • Change the orientation settings according to your preference on whether it should be printed in a portrait manner or landscape manner and then proceed to print
  • You can scan using your Epson printer by selecting the scan to pc option on control panel of your epson connect Wireless setup.
  • As soon as you click the option, the Epson scan window will appear. In this window select the appropriate scan mode, and proceed to scan.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions that are on Epson  printer’s control panel to complete the process of scanning documents.

Epson Connect Printer for Wireless Connection

  • Connect Epson printer to a proper power source with a steady proximity and make sure that you turn on your Epson printer device.
  • Make sure that the source of the wireless connection is turned on before starting the connection process and proceed the below steps.
  • Select the wireless connection option in the settings on Epson printer’s control panel. The wireless connection menu will pop up, which insist you to select the required network.
  • Verify if the orange light and green light that indicate wireless connection are blinking on or not. These lights are called the network access indicators.
  • If the connection process is successful. The orange and green blinking lights indicating network status would stop blinking and the green light word turn on.

Epson Connect Printer to Wireless Router or Access Point

  • Turn your Epson printer ON by connecting it to a power source and Make sure that the router is switched on. Verify if the router has a steady proximity before starting the process.
  • Press the WPS option on the router to start the connecting process. In certain cases certain software should be downloaded into the router in order to enable WPS
  • Select the preferred  Wi-Fi connection from the list of options and wait for few moments for Epson printer to regulate.
  • Verify if the orange light and green network access indicators that indicate wireless connection are blinking on.
  • If the connection process is successful the network access indicators would stop blinking and the green light will turn on.
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Epson Printer Help
Epson Printer from a Computer

Printing straight from the computer makes many things easy both in our official and personal life. Sometimes, it might give the impression of being tough to do. But, with these easy instructions it is effortless.

Epson Connect Printer to Print Quality for Wireless

Owning an Epson printer gives you the advantage of fixing the quality of each and every output you choose to print. Some settings may be unavailable depending on the type and quality of the given paper. There are various options available in Epson printer, some are:

  • Draft: This setting is used for printing documents which are draft. This is mostly done on plain paper
  • Standard: This type of setting is used for standard printing that is for everyday use. This includes text and image printing.
  • High: The high standard setting is mostly used in order to print pictures which contain too much details and graphics that need high quality printing
  • More settings: This option opens up a window that allows the user to make changes in the speed and quality of the print.
  • Some of these settings may not be available for certain computer versions or computer operating software versions

Epson Print your Document or Photo for Wireless

Epson printers present you with various setting, so that you can customize each and every print of yours according to your preference and the material that you are intended to print. These settings can help you vary a document print from a photo print.

  • Select the document or picture that you wanted to print from your systems folders and click on the print option.
  • The print menu would appear. In the print menu, choose print settings and inside print setting you would find the maintenance tab.
  • Click the maintenance tab to open it and choose extended settings. In the extended settings change the settings according to your preference.
  • In the extended settings you can change settings such as quality, speed and size of the final print and orientation.
  • Once you have set the settings accordingly, press ok to save the changes you made in the settings and then press print to start printing.
Epson Troubleshooting

Certain minor issues or mishaps can cause great problems with your Epson printer. That is the sole reason why we extend our expertise help in troubleshooting section to help you solve your issues by contacting our professionals.

Checking for Epson Software Updates

It is mandatory to check for new updates in Epson printer software if you own a Epson printer. You can check for the new updates of Epson printer software for your Epson printer by doing the following:

  • Click the print option on your Wireless desktop or select Epson printer to choose the desired software from the list of software.
  • Inside the Epson printer settings window, you can choose the maintenance tab to proceed. Select software update option on the maintenance tab to initiate the updating process.
  • You can also update the software by using the Epson software updater that is found in the start option of your system.
  • In certain cases your Epson printer automatically checks for the new software version periodically.

Epson Software Installation Problems

Installation process of  epson connect Wireless software is quite a tough job and there can be certain unsolvable issues that need fixing. In such cases follow the instructions given down below:

  • Make sure that Epson printer is connected to the power source. Check both the ends of the connection.
  • If the issue persists, try restarting Epson printer along with the computer. Make sure that the computer OS meets the requirements of the software before installing it.
  • Close all the other running programs on the computer. Programs such as virus protection and firewall may affect the communication.
  • Make sure that Epson printer is made the default  Epson printer in your computer. This can be done by changing settings in the control panel.