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Download & Install Epson Connect Printer Setup for Windows and Mac

Epson connect printer setup utility.

  1. Do the initial Epson printer setup and provide a stable network connection.
  2. Now, download the Epson connect printer setup Utility for your compatible Windows/Mac.
  3. Eventually, try to provide the same network connection for the printer, wireless router, and compatible device on connection.
  4. Once the Epson connect printer setup utility software is downloaded. Move with the given steps.
  5. Further, click the checkbox to Agree with the End-User License Agreement. Then, proceed with the next option.
  6. Now, click on the install option. Once the installation is completed, click on the next option.

epson connect to printer setup

  1. Select the printer product using the desired option on it. And click on the next.
  2. To register your Epson printer series, choose the Printer Registration option on the same page.
  3. Finally, to complete the printer setup, select the Agree option and followed by next.
  4. Once all is done, the Epson pop-up message will display, stating Register a Printer to Epson Connect.
  1. Now, try to Activate the Scan to cloud and Remote Print instructions using the options.
  2. Connect to the Epson account if you don’t have an existing account. Create a new Epson account and click the Next option.
  3. If you are adding a new device to the existing one. Click on I already have an account and provide printer details on Add printer and click add.
  4. Finally, Epson connect printer setup Utility is completed successfully.