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Epson ET-4760 wireless setup | Epson ET-4760 WPS | Epson ET 4760 WiFi Setup

How to connect wireless Epson ET-4760 printer to WPS?

WPS setup can bring an easy and accessible Wi-Fi setup under WPS mode using your stable Wi-Fi network. Make use of the Epson Official page and download the latest driver first. Ensure that you need wireless software for your printer reference to the compatible system support. Use the given guidelines and complete the Epson ET-4760 wireless setup procedure.

  • First, you need to ensure whether the Wi-Fi network is stable and try to locate & press the wireless button on the wireless router.
  • Make sure the router is compatible with the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and start the Wi-Fi setup by pressing a button on the wireless router.
  • Then, you need to continue with the printer’s home screen.
  • Further, choose the desired option- Wi-Fi (Recommended). If at all your printer has been already connected by Ethernet, select your Router.
  • On the follow-on page, select the Start Setup.
  • The screen will give you the related network information if you find the default network connection. Choose the Change Settings to change the settings required.
  • Or else, proceed with the wireless process. Using the Ethernet, click the Change to Wi-Fi connection, and give Yes after ensuring the message alert.
  • Further, you can use the push button by pressing the Push Button Setup (WPS).
  • Firmly, hold the [WPS] button on the wireless router until you locate the security light flashes.
  • After finding the WPS button, get connected to the desired Manufacturer’s manual or documentation for reference purposes.
  • On the resultant page, use the Start Setup on the printer.
  • Here, you have to close all the active screens/running pages to carry on next.

Note: Restart the printer, router, and devices, if at all you are unable to connect. Rather, attempt and take the Network configuration test print to proceed next. Finally, close the Network Connection Settings screen.

Tips for efficient WPS:

  • Ensure the stable network type.
  • Confirm the flow of the network and try to connect all the devices to the same network name.
  • Make sure you have done proper wireless configuration settings.
  • Restart once that can remove the minor bugs.
  • Plug-and-play.